10 Ways To Make Yourself Feel Better In Any Tough Situations


Do you feel like you are losing your confidence or self-worth as a person? Or do you ever doubt your abilities or the value you add to your relationships? Unfortunately, a lot of us suffer from a lack of self-confidence and fixation on the negative aspects of ourselves even though there are a lot of reasons why we should love and be proud of ourselves.

The act of Building your self-worth is very important for your general and mental well-being. More so, believing in yourself is granting you the opportunity for you to be brave and other essential benefits and also gives you the freedom to move outside your comfort zone.

10 Working Tips To Feel Better

Here are 10 simple ways to feel yourself better:

1. Get More Sleep

This is one of the most effective, best, and immediate ways to feel better and start feeling healthier. Although it can be quite easy to fall into a habit of staying up late binging on a show or scrolling Twitter It feels relaxing but the key to feeling better is getting enough sleep and those activities are not going to benefit you nearly as much as sleeping will.

Statistics have shown that an average adult needs between 7 to 9 hours of sleep. You must let your body recover with a good night’s rest, and in return, you will have the energy you need to take on the day.

Sleep is a perfect way to improve your body’s immune function, and also boosts your mental clarity and memory capabilities. Getting enough sleep reduces the stress hormone cortisol, which when elevated for long periods can contribute to weight gain.

The importance of sleep cannot be overemphasized.

2. Eat Better Feel Better

Nutrition is another key aspect of health. Note that when your body gets what it needs, it will perform optimally. However, it is good to eat rich delicious food, but it can leave you feeling sluggish.

This is the time for you to forget about late-night chip snacking and pick up some whole foods to fulfill those cravings. Stock up your meals with produce and lean proteins. If you feel that you are going to have a busy day, prepare a healthy make-ahead dinner ahead of time to prevent you from eating out.

Here are some healthy nutrition plans;

  • Avoid eating out, rather pack lunches for work.
  • Limit the number of sugary treats for special occasions.
  • Drink more water throughout the day.

However, these simple nutrition changes will help to fuel your body and keep your mind clear. So you do not have to start following a complex eating plan, instead just small healthy changes are enough

3. Exercise

You may think that you are too busy for any exercise but it is quite true that almost anyone can carve out thirty minutes a day for it. Short bouts of exercise and Frequent exercise are very effective in improving your health.

By getting your heart rate up with exercise, you produce endorphins, which are perfect for feel-good hormones. Although it can be sometimes tiring while you are doing it, working out gives you energy and helps you sleep better at night.

However, you do not need to join an expensive gym to do it. You can go for a walk or a quick run in your neighborhood, or find an online workout video to follow. There are numerous ways to work out so it will never become dull.

Try weight lifting, HIIT, or maybe a dance style cardio class like Zumba. Regardless of what part of the day you can fit in, trying out just a half-hour of exercise three to five days a week will help you to make a difference.

4. Increase Your Emotional Health

Poor emotional health can become a problem and hindrance to your physical ramifications. However, taking the time for personal relationships will help you feel fulfilled. Most of society is active on social media, and thanks to smartphones it is always available.

Even though social media helps to connect people, social media also contributes to feelings of depression. Seeing the highlight reels of other people’s lives can leave you feeling isolated.

However, sometimes it can be a lot easier to comment on a friend’s Instagram post than it is to spend real-time with friends or family or to set up a time to get together that will make you happy.

If you can’t get your schedules to coincide, set up a phone date to catch up. Try to limit the time you spend on your social media platforms. If you cannot resist them, there are social media blocking apps available for you to use.

5. Read Your Favorite Book

There are times when you feel you are down, you can try putting your energy toward reading something new. To do this, you can pick up an old favorite that you know makes you feel good. Then you can also write down specific messages or quotes you love and hang them near your computer or on your fridge.

6. Watching New Movie

There are a lot of movies that you have always been interested in watching but have not created time to watch. However, if you are learning how to feel better, this is a great time to watch one of those movies. Thus, pick one that is lighthearted or funny before moving on to the others.

7. Be A Helping Hand

Try to do something nice that will not be noticeable by anyone, For example, you can go ahead to pick up empty plastic bottles in the street and throw them into a recycling bin. Or you can decide to donate some old clothes to the homeless shelter.

However, the goal is to do something nice without looking for recognition to internalize those fuzzy, warm emotions that come from being kind.

8. Call Your Best Friend

Calling your best friend and just talking about anything you want can be a very great way to lighten your day. However, you may decide not to talk about what is bothering you but you can focus on discussing other fun things. Human beings are indeed social animals, and connecting with people close to you will make you feel better and happier.

9. Memorize Your Perfect Day

Quietly think of a perfect moment or day which you truly enjoyed, and try to recapture that very first feeling. Try to close your eyes and relive them using your five senses. This will trick the brain into thinking it’s real and may help return some of those positive emotions.

10. Look At Old Memories

Bring out your picture album and go through photos that make you smile. You can look at photos from the day you graduated or an old family vacation album. Just make sure you find photos that can bring up positive and happy memories.

How To Feel Better When I Am Sick?

Here are some of the remedies to make you feel better when you are sick;

  • Stay Hydrated by drinking enough water
  • Have enough rest
  • Take Medications when you feel sick
  • Relieve Stiffness and Congestion
  • Air yourself more often

11 Inspiring Quotes To Make You Feel Better

Here are some inspirational quotes that can make you feel better:

  1. It is normal to have a bad day but that does not mean that you have a bad life
  2. Miracles happen to only those who believe in miracles.
  3. Think positively as a small positive thought can change your whole life forever.
  4. Positive anything is better than negative nothing
  5. When you believe you can do it, you already position yourself halfway there
  6. Eat better and feel better that is the key to a good life
  7. Be positive, be kind and be true
  8. There is no way you could have a positive life and a negative mind.
  9. Eliminate the negative, accentuate the positive, and latch onto the affirmative.
  10. Make sure you continually write in your heart that every day is the best day of the year.
  11. When you are positive, you tend to see more opportunities instead of obstacles.

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10 Ways To Make Yourself Feel Better In Any Tough Situations


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