How To Get Rid Of Face Fat: 9 Tips & Facial Exercises

Introduction: Get Rid Of Face Fat

Weight loss is a major part of health and fitness, but in the current world, it is more valued for its impact on beauty and aesthetics. People constantly want to lose a little bit of body fat either on their arms, thighs, or stomach. But how to get rid of face fat?

Face fat is starting to become a thing too, and many people are increasingly seeking ways to lose some of their neck, chin, and cheek fat. People want to change their appearance, and the face plays a major role in someone’s looks.

The aesthetics market is full of endless slimming straps and strategies that assert to enhance the loss of facial fat and boost your appearance. However, it is important to understand that any weight loss regimen can only succeed in the long term if combined with discipline in relation to one’s diet and lifestyle.

As luck would have it, numerous strategies exist to support sustainable weight loss and help you attain that slim facial appearance you seek. Find below some of the most effective methods to help you lose facial fat.


9 Proven Tips For Getting Rid Of Face Fat

1. Facial Exercises

Besides giving you a slimmer face, you can do facial exercises to improve your facial muscle strength and combat aging. Anecdotal reports have claimed that facial exercises, when done regularly can help tone your facial muscles and give you a slimmer face.

Facial exercises? I know, sounds absurd but they actually do exist. Try puffing out your cheeks and moving the air from left to right while crumpling your lips on alternating sides. Do this continuously for about 10 minutes daily.

Another facial exercise would be to smile and hold it while scrunching your teeth. Hold a few seconds before releasing, and repeat the exercise as many times as feels comfortable throughout the day.

There’s no proof to show the effectiveness of these exercises. However, reviews have it that facial exercises help build facial muscle tone.

If you are in need of a slimmer facial appearance, try these exercises for at least 10 minutes a day for 2 months. You will likely notice increased muscle thickness and an overall boost in your facial rejuvenation.

2. Engage in Cardio Exercises

In most cases, fat-filled faces are an attribute of overall excess body fat. As such, engaging in physical exercise should help in your general weight loss journey. Cardio and aerobic exercises are very effective ways to lose weight. In fact, any physical exercise that gets your heartbeat racing is always a great way to lose weight.

Numerous studies on cardio exercises have proven them to be an effective method for fat burning and weight loss. It is advisable to engage in 150-300 minutes of physical exercise on a weekly basis. This relatively translates to 20-40 minutes of cardio on a daily basis, which is quite manageable.

Cardio exercise will definitely give you a slimmer face and an overall slimmer appearance throughout your body. Some examples of cardio exercise include walking, running, dancing, riding a bike, and even swimming. These are all very enjoyable exercises that provide you with effective ways how to get rid of face fat.

3. Drinking more water

They say water is life. This is quite true, and you need to take more water every day. Water consumption is crucial for your overall health, but even more, if you seek to attain a slender face.

Studies have proven that drinking water constantly keeps your belly full, thus making you feel full and promoting weight loss.

Try drinking water before your meals to reduce your overall calorie consumption. Some researchers claim that water consumption helps boost your metabolism, which means that your body burns calories faster. As such, increased metabolism equates to increased weight loss.

4. Limited Alcohol Consumption

Occasional drinking is allowed, in minimal portions. However, excessive consumption of alcohol is not only harmful to your health but also a huge contributor to bloating and fat accumulation.

Do you want to know how to get rid of face fat? Well, ditching alcohol is one way to achieve that. Did you know that most alcoholic beverages contain empty calories? They do; which means that they have high-calorie content, but zero nutritional value (no vitamins or minerals).

Alcohol also acts as a diuretic, which means it increases your overall urine production. As a result, it can cause you to suffer from dehydration and increased water retention.

According to research, alcohol increases your chances of gaining weight; thus promoting an increase in your belly fat, which could likely lead to obesity.

As such increased alcohol consumption does not align with your desire for a slimmer face or body.

5. Avoid Refined Carbohydrates

Refined carbohydrates are most common in foods such as pasta, cookies, and crackers; and these play a huge part in weight gain. Processed foods lack nutritional value and fiber, and in turn are stocked with sugar and calories, both of which are not good for your health.

Due to the low fiber content in refined carbs, they go through the digestion process really fast causing hikes and falls in your blood sugar levels. As a result, you will feel the need to eat constantly, and the more you eat the more calories you gain.

Replace refined carbs with whole grains in your diet and over time you will realize a significant reduction in your overall weight.

6. Get Adequate Sleep

Never allow yourself to suffer from sleep deprivation as it causes a hike in the production of cortisol, which is a stress hormone. One of the side effects of having increased cortisol levels is probable weight gain.

You have noticed that most people tend to eat a lot when stressed. It is the same mechanism here. Since cortisol is a stress hormone, it means that sleep deprivation causes stress to your body, which then translates to increased food consumption as your body tries to deal with the stress.

Try scheduling a least 8 hours of sleep per day to help you shed that extra weight and gain a leaver facial structure.

It is important to note that studies have proven sleep deprivation to cause higher food consumption and decreased metabolism, both of which lead to weight gain.

7. Reduce Your Sodium Consumption

Many people consume salt in unhealthy proportions, which could easily lead to bloating, swelling, and facial puffiness. Salt is the most common source of sodium that’s easily accessible to many, but people can also consume it from sauces, processed foods, and other daily condiments.

Fluid retention is also a major side effect of excessive sodium intake, which means that your body holds on to excess water.

The retention of extra water can easily lead to a puffier face. As such, reducing your sodium intake should automatically give you a slender face and answer your question on how to lose face fat.

8. Increase your Fiber Consumption

Increased fiber intake comes as a top recommendation to anyone seeking to gain a slimmer face. It is a great way to lose cheek fat.

The greatest advantage of fiber intake is that your system won’t absorb it upon consumption. As such, it will not add any calories to your body. In fact, during digestion, it takes longer to be processed, thus making you feel fuller for longer.

Fiber intake is also an excellent strategy to help you curb your cravings and appetite. Consuming 25-38 grams of fiber per day is ideal for your weight loss journey.

You can easily consume fiber by increasing your fruit intake, vegetables, seeds, legumes, nuts, and whole grains.

9. Incorporate Healthy Feeding Habits into Your Lifestyle

Maintaining a healthy diet is your sure bet on how to lose face fat. It is a great technique for weight loss and attaining a slimmer face. Practice eating balanced diets by incorporating plenty of fruits, whole grains, lean meat, and vegetables into your meal plans and enjoy a huge change to your overall appearance and health.

A healthy diet also means avoiding processed foods and any fat-rich foods. If you are a protein lover avoid excessive red meat consumption. The fat will likely remain in your facial tissue giving you dull skills and premature wrinkles. Grains such as beans are a great source of protein.

Best 5 Jawline Exercises That Help To Get Rid of Face Fat

Want to know how to get a jawline? Keep reading.

In most cases, people enroll in gym memberships with the hopes that they will in turn get the most in terms of physical results. That is almost always the case, given you actually put in the work. However, it is important to note that gym and therapy sessions can only do so much.

There are some areas you will never exercise in these settings unless you consciously take it upon yourself to do it. The muscles behind your neck, for example, never receive any action when in the gym. As such, you can easily suffer from droopy neck or neck pain.

Jawline exercises exist not only for getting rid of face fat but also to protect you from imminent headaches, neck pain, and jaw aches.

Find below a few suggestions for effective jawline exercises and how to get a jawline.

1. Vowel Sounds

Vowel Sounds
Image Source – Healthline

Vowel Sound movements are specially designed to tone the muscles around your mouth and your lip edges. Besides, they help you know how to get a jawline so that you can boost your facial appearance.

These are still a major part of your jawline appearance, and engaging in the vowel sounds exercise should help you get a better-toned jawline.

  • With your mouth wide open pronounce the vowels O and E in that order
  • You have to exaggerate the sound so as to stretch and strain your lip and mouth muscles. Make sure that the movement is made in a way that you intentionally hide your teeth. Also, don’t touch them with your lips during the exercise.
  • It is a great way to engage and activate your muscles. Complete 45 exercises by doing 15 repetitions 3 times a day. This is how to get the perfect jawline.

2. Collar Bone Backup

Collar Bone Backup
Image Source – Healthline

This exercise is quite flexible as you can do it either on your feet, while seated, or even lying on your back.

  • Ensure that your head is leveled up against the floor, before pulling it back a few inches until you feel some contractions and a relaxed feeling in the muscles on the sides of your throat.
  • Initially, you can start with 30 collarbone backups, and do more as you progress. You can group them in sets of threes, and complete 10 repetitions each time.
  • Ensure that your ears are always well-positioned over your shoulders and that your head remains level with the floor.

3. Neck Curl Up

Neck Curl Up
Image Source – Healthline

This jawline exercise is highly similar to an abdominal curl, except you will be doing it with your neck. Lie on your back, with your tongue clenched on the top of your inner mouth.

Doing this should activate the muscles in the front of your neck.

  • While in this position, move your chin so that it touches your chest, and then lift your head at least 2 inches off the ground while being careful not to move your stomach from the ground or poke out your chin.
  • Initially, you can start with 30 neck curl-ups, and do more as you progress.
  • Don’t progress to doing more exercises too fast as the muscles are, in most cases, underdeveloped and could suffer from tears and aches if overstrained especially within a short period of time.

4. Chin Up

Chin Up
Image Source – Healthline

With this jawline exercise, you can easily attain a lifted facial look. It exercises your chin muscle and overall facial muscles to make them appear more toned and appealing.

  • Close your mouth and start pushing your jaw out as you lift your lower lip so that it overlaps the upper one.
  • The movement should make you stretch the muscle underneath your chin and jawline. You will most likely feel the stretch as you perform this exercise.
  • With each movement hold your position for at least 10 seconds before relaxing and repeating the exercise
  • Complete 45 exercises by doing 15 repetitions 3 times a day.

5. Tongue Twister

Tongue Twister
Image Source – Healthline

This jawline exercise is specifically designed to take care of the muscles beneath your chin.

  • With your tongue strongly pressed against the roof of your mouth, so that it closes completely, add some tension and start humming while making vibrating sounds.
  • It is a great way to engage and activate your muscles. Complete 45 exercises by doing 15 repetitions 3 times a day.

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