How To Get A Better Jawline: Best 9 Face Exercises

For Sharp Jawline Try These 9 Face Exercises!

Most people don’t understand the incredibly powerful effect of jawline exercises. The following are the most recommended exercises for your neck, jawline, and head in general.

1. Vowel Sounds

Vowel Sounds
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The Vowel Sounds is one of the most effective jawline exercises. You ought to open your mouth and loudly say O then E. We urge you to exaggerate the sounds to exercise your jaw muscles. Repeat this at least 15 times until you feel some effect on your face muscles.

2. Tongue Twisters

Tongue Twister
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Tongue twisters are a good form of exercise that primarily targets the lower jaw. Position your tongue on the upper part of your mouth. Activate your muscles by producing a humming sound. Repeat these steps 5-10 times as you relax in between.

3. Fish Face

Fish Face
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This has to be the surest way to lose your face fat. It involves sucking the lips and cheeks inwards. Remain in that uncomfortable position and try to wear a smile, as hard as it will be. Repeat these steps 10 more times every day to get the right results.

Interestingly, the fish face exercise helps to tone the facial muscles. Apart from that, the workout plays a pivotal role in decreasing flabbiness.

4. Chin Up

As the workout name suggests, this exercise mainly targets the chin muscles. This workout involves pulling your body up while suspended on a horizontally-lying metallic bar. Grasp the bar tightly as you begin this workout. The beauty of this exercise is that it strengthens multiple muscles such as:

  • Back muscles
  • Biceps
  • Triceps
  • Posterior muscles

5. Neck Curl Up

Neck Curl Up
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The neck curl-up exercise involves bringing the chin closer to your chest. After that, you should try lifting your head from the ground for about 2.5 inches. Resist the urge to lift your stomach or to poke out your chin. Repeat these steps between 5 to 10 times until you feel the impact on your muscles.

Fascinatingly, this exercise can help reduce the size of your neck over some time. That’s why you must consider this form of workout especially if you’re obese.

6. Chin Lifts

Chin Lifts
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Chin lift is one of the least strenuous yet highly effective jawline exercises. It involves tilting the head upwards at an angle of 60 degrees Celsius. Please ensure that your eyes are facing the ceiling directly. Strain the lips a bit as though you’re about to kiss someone, that’s 1.5 inches away from you.

Remain in that position for a duration of between 5 to 8 seconds. Repeat these steps at least 5 to 10 times to target your jaw muscles better. Funny enough, chin lift exercises targets nearly all the face muscles like:

  • Laris Oculi
  • Frontalis
  • Buccinator

7. Collarbone Backup

Collarbone Backup
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Unfortunately, most gym workouts seldom target vital muscles such as the jawline and the neck muscles. It involves the following simple steps.

  1. Sit on a flat surface such as the floor
  2. Tilt your head back a bit until you feel the impact on your neck muscles
  3. Hold your chest still
  4. Ensure your chin is parallel with the floor
  5. Repeat these times but tilt your head forward this time around.

8. Jawbone Presses 

As the workout name suggests, this exercise predominantly targets the jawline area. It involves grasping your chin such that it remains sandwiched between your thumbs. Please ensure that the other fingers face up such that they point towards your ears.

Slide the thumbs reasonably along your jawline repeatedly. Repeat the sliding between 10-15 times daily.

9. The Rodin Exercise

Funny enough, the Rodin exercise seems laughable to every first-timer. However, its impact is so strong that if you ever try it, you can resist the urge to stay consistent. The Rodin jawline exercise involves pressing your face against your fist such that you push your chin into the fist. Kindly push the face for as long as 5-10 minutes routinely to gradually strengthen the jawline.

How To Lose Face Fat?

I need to share a few surefire tips on losing face fat. It’s good that you maintain the right body weight. I know you’d like to shed off more facial fat to improve your appearance. Here are the tips for you.

1. Drink 7 glasses of water daily

Studies show that drinking enough water helps to reduce one’s appetite. Whenever you take water, you remain full for much longer. Therefore, the possibility of eating more calories reduces significantly.

As a result, you leave your body with no choice but to burn fat. Over time, you notice a drastic reduction in your facial structure.

2. Avoid foods rich in carbs

Unfortunately, foods rich in carbs exposes you to the risk of gaining too much weight. Remember that food manufacturers process carbs heavily thus ridding them of vital nutrients. A study conducted on 277 women showed that they gained excessive weight after eating refined carbs for some time.

3. Try out more facial exercises

Facial workouts are essential to improve your facial structure. Over a reasonable duration, you notice that your face becomes much slimmer. Please consider facial exercises such as puckering the lips on either side.

4. Get a sufficient amount of sleep

Sleep specialists say that sleep deprivation slowly increases cortisol levels. More often than not, this sudden increase in stress levels may culminate in obesity. Frequently, an increase in the amount of stress level results in a corresponding sharp rise in your appetite level.

5. Eat less table salt

Table salt contains multiple nutrients such as:

  • Sodium
  • Iron
  • Calcium
  • Calories

Research shows that high sodium intake reduces thirst but increases hunger spectacularly. Other than that, sodium may trigger bloating and swelling. That said, I recommend that you take a moderate amount of salt.

6. Quit alcohol

Technically, high alcohol consumption plays a part in enhancing fat accumulation on your face. Therefore, it’s advisable you either decrease the intake or quit drinking alcohol completely. Scientists say that alcohol prevents your body from burning fat. That explains why alcoholics tend to be overweight compared to teetotalers.

Benefits of Exercising Your Jaw Muscles

I suspect that you don’t see why you should spare some time for jawline exercises. For this reason, it’s so that we enlighten on the health benefits of these exercises.

A. It may help reduce jaw pain

A combination of both exercise and jaw massage can help reduce jaw pain. Regular exercise helps to soothe the jaw muscles, thus relieving the pain. However, that is not to excuse the need to visit a health specialist.

B. It may help prevent jaw disorders

Hundreds of jaw specialists say that regular jawline exercises can help prevent disorders such as TMJ. More often than not, this disorder manifests in different ways such as ear pain and sharp migraines.

C. Improved facial appearance

Beauty experts assert that working out regularly can help enhance one’s appearance by far. Jaw exercises not only target the jaw muscles alone but the entire face muscles in general. For this reason, this form of workout can help you shed off excessive face fat. Before you know it, you’ll have the most nicely chiseled jawline in history.

D. May reduce jaw muscle tension

Do you have a habit of clenching your teeth? Do your jaw muscles hurt after that? If so, it’s about time you quit that habit and considered jaw exercises instead. Constant jaw exercises help enhance blood circulation in your jawline muscle area.

E. Enhances blood circulation

Unknown to most people, chin muscle exercises help trigger proper blood circulation on your face. The better the blood circulation on your face in general, the healthier you become. Not to add, regular workouts will help you lose too much face fat.

Factors that change the jawline structure?

I can rightly guess that you’re wondering what changes one’s jawline structure. In all honesty, different factors contribute to a sudden change in the jaw structure. Here they are in detail.

1. Age

Generally, as one age their bones tend to weaken slowly. As though that isn’t enough, the length of the jaw decreases over time. Similarly, the jaw height equally starts to reduce gradually. I know that you may have noticed that the older one becomes, the frailer they look.

2. Accident

Secondly, the jaw structure may be altered immensely after a severe accident. For example, the structure might change after an injury.

3. Diet

Food too plays a pivotal role in gradually re-structuring the jawline. In most cases, this happens, especially when one is still in their formative years. For instance, the more you consume junk food, the jaw bone starts to weaken.

Conversely, the more you chew hard food, the more you unintentionally put pressure on your jawbone. Therefore, you re-model the jaw structure to form a well-chiseled jawline.

4. Surgery

Jaw surgeons can alter the structure of your jaws during surgery. More often than not, orthognathic surgery can restructure your jawline for good. The orthognathic surgeon moves some part of your chin forward to create a new position.

5. Losing your teeth

Shockingly, incessant tooth loss can slowly change your jawline structure. Whenever you lose teeth, the jawbone gradually begins to shrink. Before you know it, your facial support reduces significantly.

Dentists say that regular tooth loss is a sign of a weakened jawline bone. That’s why it’s important to learn how to get a better jawline. Nowadays, chin muscle exercise is enough to reshape your jawbone well.

You no longer have to cough up over $10,000 to undergo jawbone surgery. I promise you that you’ll love the results after some time.

6. Genes

Sadly, rare factors such as genetics may affect the shape of your jawline. Some people inherit a weak jaw from their parents. In such a case, surgery or jawline exercises can help you big time.

7. Sucking the thumb

Children may develop a destructive habit of thumb-sucking; especially if they don’t suckle enough. Unfortunately, this habit may unhurriedly change the structure of your jawline. That’s why parents need to discourage their kids from this bad habit.

Related FAQs

1. Can stress affect my jaw muscles?

Yes, it can! Jaw tightness stems from different causes such as stress, an injury, or anxiety. All the muscles that surround the jaw muscles directly affect it. In most cases, when one is depressed, they are likely to clench much more often.

2. My jaw muscles are extremely weak, can exercise aid strengthen them?

Yes, it can! Facial exercise targets muscles such as the jaws, chin, and neck. No wonder why this workout improves one’s appearance after a few months. You only realize the impact when your jaw muscles begin to hurt.

3. Does massage help to alleviate jawline pain?

Yes, it does! TMJ massage is the surest way to reduce excruciating jawline pain. The therapist will press your jaw muscles gently in a circular motion. He or she will keep rubbing the affected area until you feel a sense of relief.

4. Can collar bone backup exercise help strengthen my jawline?

Yes, it can! The good news is that it doesn’t matter whether you do it while standing or lying down. Move your head back until you feel some pain in your throat area. Please ensure that your head remains level even as you move it sideways.

5. My jaws feel unusually tight. can head exercises help soothe my jaw muscles?

Yes, they can! Exercises such as a head rotation and a chin node exercise will come in handy. However, you must know that the stiffness won’t end in a day. Rather, it will take a lot of regular exercise. We advise you to get professional assistance if the problem persists.

6. I want to keep my jaws as healthy as possible. how often should I do jawline exercises?

Fitness coaches advise their clients to work out at least 10-15 minutes every day. Similarly, we urge you to dedicate at least 10 minutes of your time to chin muscle workouts.


We can’t pretend as though there are no people that are born with a well-chiseled jawline. On the other hand, some have to put in the work to achieve the same. Thank your lucky stars that we’ve enlightened you on how to get a better jawline.

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