Waist Trainer: What is it? How Does It Help In Weight Loss?


The major purpose of a waist trainer is that it can produce a temporary reduction in waist circumference or size and the user will be able to typically see the result immediately. However, as soon as you removed this, their waist returns to the normal size.

In addition, it does not help to reduce a person’s body fat so people that are looking to lose body fat around their midsection or lose substantial weight overall should not rely on wearing a waist trainer to carry out this.

Waist Trainer

What is Waist Trainer?

It is referred to as a shaping garment that is similar to a girdle. Waist trainer helps to pull a person’s midsection in as tight as possible. Thus, the major focus of a waist trainer is that the pulling action gives the person a smaller and sleeker waist. In addition, it usually consists of a combination of hard fibers and tough fabric.

It is seen as a device that is similar to a corset and is typically manufactured from an elastic material. Waist trainers have bra-style hooks and eyes that can be progressively tightened or a velcro strap that can be cinched around the waist.

What Does A Waist Trainer Do?

  • It can have some benefits that do not last for a long time such as improving posture, since it forces you to stand and sit up straight. Doing so might provide an overall longer appearance.
  • It also functions to encourage proper lifting techniques like the lifting of weights or heavy objects due to its rigid nature which could give you a better form or better fitness.
  • For those who are in the habit of overeating, wearing a waist trainer during each meal will make you full faster as it squeezes and puts pressure on your stomach. Doing so you could end up losing weight from eating fewer meals. Wearing a waist trainer will make you feel fuller faster, thus making your portions smaller.

However, some people try to compare waist trainers to shapewear, but the huge difference is that: waist trainers are meant to be worn regularly and even tightened over time. Resulting from that, a lot of people claim that waist trainers can help you lose weight and get more of an hourglass figure.

These have resulted in companies selling waist trainers and even recommending them to mothers after childbirth. But here are three (3) things waist trainers do when you wear them;

  • Shrinking: by wearing a waist trainer consistently, your core muscles can shrink and atrophy from lack of use. Since your stomach will be squeezed, you will be less likely to overeat while wearing one
  • Squeezing: It also squeezes your midsection, kind of like super-intense shapewear. But the effect is temporary as it disappears as soon as you take off the trainer.
  • Sweating: Waist trainers are hot when you wear them and can make you sweat more than usual which can make you lose water weight.

However, all of these changes could make you feel and look slimmer without actually helping you lose any weight.

Best Waist Trainer For Women

Here I list down some of the best waist trainers for women in weight loss:

1) Sweet Sweat Waist Trimmer Belt

Sweet Sweat Waist Trimmer Belt


Sweet Sweat Waist Trimmer Belt helps to increase your core temperature and makes you sweat more. It is more like a workout enhancer waist trimmer belt, that can be used while cycling, running, working out, bicycling, dancing, walking, etc. It will not directly make you lose weight but it will help you sweat more by warming up your core.

Moreover, by treating liquid retention in the area, the process of weight loss is accelerated while working out. Consequently, you treat liquid retention in the area and can accelerate the process of weight loss while working out.

2) The Feeling Girl

The Feeling Girl


It is a sports waist trainer that looks pretty like a waist cincher. This waist trainer can help you sweat and get rid of liquid retention. One thing that makes this waist trainer special is that it covers down to your tummy.

It is a plus-size waist trainer that is very perfect for plus-size girls. It is perfect for exercising as it is very flexible and comfortable.

3) Burvogue Waist Cincher

 Burvogue Waist Trainer


According to Burvoge, this type of waist cincher is also a sweat thermal belt that helps to provide heat to your core and also allows you to get rid of liquid retention. It is made up of 10% high-quality latex, 4% of spandex, and 96% of cotton which helps to guarantee your comfort.

In addition, this waist trainer is the best waist cincher and is very comfortable it warms up around your belly, which allows users to sweat a lot and as a result feel less swollen. It also helps to shape your body because of its cut/design.

This Burvogue Waist Trainer is great but it is perfect to wear when you are doing light things which include; going to work or just walking.

Best Waist Trainer For Men

1) Wonderience Men Waist Trainer

The waist cincher trainer corset sport girdle has a hook and eye closure that is made of durable and flexible neoprene three layers of the composite fabric. It is perfect for the provision of tight and stretchy compression to the lower belly area, tummy control, and back support.


This Wonderience Waist Trainer For Men can create a sauna effect in your core body and love handles to make you sweat out excess water weight, flatten your abdomen, and makes you look instantly slim.

How Long Should You Wear A Waist Trainer?

Many proponents of waist training have suggested that waist trainers should be worn for 8 hours or more hours a day. Some other proponents even recommend sleeping in a waist trainer. However, their reasons for proposing wearing one overnight are a result of the fact that additional hours in the waist trainer can maximize waist training benefits.

Can You Sleep With A Waist Trainer On?

The medical community, which includes the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery, does not generally support the use of waist trainers for any given amount of time. They however condemn its use at night the reason being that it may have a potential impact on hindering proper digestion and acid reflux.

Benefits Of Waist Trainer

There are some claims that waist trainers can provide a wide range of benefits to those wanting a sleeker body shape and these benefits include:

1. Get Hourglass Figure

The main supposed benefit of wearing a waist trainer is that wearing it provides an easy and fast way to get an hourglass figure.

Although the waist trainer has an impression on the person wearing it, according to the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery (ABCS) blog, the garment will not drastically change a person’s body shape.

When the person removes the waist trainer, the shape will possibly return to its form which makes it unlikely to have a lasting effect.

However, if a person’s goal is to increase fat loss or lose weight, the person should consider exercising more often and improving their diet.

2. Help in Weight Loss

If you experience a loss of weight from wearing a waist trainer, this could be a result of increased sweating than any loss of body fat. More so, when a person wears a waist trainer, the person is likely to feel as though they have a decreased appetite.

In addition, this change result from the garment squeezing the stomach so it is important to follow a healthful diet and eat the right amount of nutritious food.

There are lots of people who recommend users wear a waist trainer while exercising but this can be pretty dangerous as wearing a waist trainer not only restricts movement but can also make it difficult to breathe.

3. Support Better Posture

Wearing it can help you temporarily improve your posture. Moreover, if it is over-wear, it may lead to poor posture and back pain by weakening your muscle.

4. Support Postpartum

It can also provide support to women whose abdominal muscles have become thinned or stretched resulting from pregnancy. The use of waist trainers as extra support may help reduce pain and discomfort.

According to a study from the International Journal of Gynaecology and Obstetrics, it states that women who wear a waist trainer after cesarean delivery are likely to experience less bleeding and pain than those who did not wear one.

Risks & Side Effects Of Waist Trainers

Aside from giving you some discomfort, it also poses users with some pretty serious health risks which include;

A. Having Difficulty in Breathing

Wearing a waist trainer makes it harder for you to breathe and decreases maximum voluntary ventilation (MVV), or how much air you can inhale and exhale within one minute.

Not regarding the percent decrease, the main focus is that wearing a waist trainer makes it harder for your body to get all the oxygen it requires.

This can be dangerous especially if the waist trainer is worn while exercising.

It is pertinent to note that physical activity requires more oxygen, not less. Therefore if you do not get enough, you might feel dizzy, tired, or short of breath and could even faint.

B. Weak Your Core

It provides the support that would normally come from your core muscles. If you continue to wear a waist trainer but do not train your core, you could end up with severely weakened abdominal muscles which can ultimately lead to back pain and poor posture.

C. Not So Good For Pelvic Floor

After childbirth, your need to give your pelvic floor muscles and the surrounding organs time to heal. But if you wear a waist trainer while healing, it can make matters get worse rather than make them get better.

This is a result of the fact that the trainer will put more pressure on your pelvic floor. Although this damage cannot be visible, it can also lead to prolapse or incontinence.

D. Meralgia Paresthetica

Tight clothing such as waist trainers, may cause damage to the nerve. Additionally, waist trainers could compress the nerve that runs down from the groin. This in turn can cause something that is called meralgia paresthetica which means numbness in the outer thigh, burning, and tingling

E. Having Rashes and Infections

Most Waist trainers are made from synthetic fabrics and are meant to be worn tightly. In addition, they tend to keep moisture such as sweat instead of allowing it to evaporate off the skin. This can in turn cause some irritation which could lead to bacterial and yeast infections or rashes

F. Harm Your Organ

When wearing a waist trainer, it pushes on your organs and may shift experience or positions that reduce blood flow, which can also affect how well they function. If it continues for a long time, this damage may be permanent.

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